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 For Residents

Best Mobile Apps for Splitting Rental Costs

Decades ago, in the years of our forefathers, there existed this concept of a checkbook. It was rectangular. It was made of paper. It was used to exchange money. I...

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 For Property Managers

The difference between normal “wear and tear” and excessive damage

Perhaps you're a resident hoping to get your full security deposit, or an apartment manager wanting to know whether or not you should charge a tenant for damage. Either way,...

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 Apartment Marketing

Everything you need to know about logo trends

When coming up with a marketing strategy, branding is everything. Branding ensures that customers or residents can find and recognize you. When they recognize you, they will trust your brand...

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Apartment Marketing

Property Management Tips to Save Money on Marketing

In Property Management, the best advice anyone can give on how to save money is probably: decrease vacancy. With 100% occupancy (or close to it), your apartment community is doing...

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Learn how to attract and keep millenial residents!

It should come as no surprise that the millenial generation is the largest growing renter population. For you as a property manager, what does this mean? It means millenial residents...

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Make a Resident Persona for Better Apartment Marketing

As an apartment manager, a significant chunk of your time is busy with obtaining and keeping good residents. In order to do this, you Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and hashtag. It...

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How-to: Setting Up a Social Media Calendar

Social Media Calendars: What are they and why do you  need them?  In apartment marketing, online presence is important. Facebook, snapchat, pinterest, instagram, and other social media sites can help residents...

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Apartment Leases: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We've all heard the stories--someone's good apartment turns bad in the time it takes for your banana to get brown spots. Here at MarketApts.com, we love our apartment communities because...

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Web Design for Apartment Marketing

The past twenty years have exploded digital marketing. Today's residents are searching for (and leasing!) apartments online. How do you get and stay ahead of the curve in the digital landscape? Today's...

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