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 algorithm updates

How Does Google Affect New Apartment Marketing Trends?

Google is constantly making changes to improve user experience. With Google being the most widely used search engine by far, it’s important for businesses and marketers alike to keep up...

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 Apartment Trends

3 Unique and Fun 4th of July Resident Event Ideas

Every holiday should feel special at your apartment community! Let your residents know how awesome it is to be living at your community this 4th of July by hosting a...

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 Apartment Marketing

Content is EVERYTHING! SEO Content is Key!

Apartment Websites and SEO Content If you know anything about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then you know how important SEO content is for Google ranking. If you’re not familiar with SEO...

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Apartment Marketing

3 Tips to Maintain Your Summer High Occupancy Rate

Summer, time to rest or time to hustle?🌞 Our favorite season is finally upon us! Business is starting to pick up as units are easier to fill. Birds are chirping, and...

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Resident Pool Parties on a Budget

Start your Summer season off right and plan the pool party of the year! It’s that time of year again! The weather is finally warming up and it’s almost time to...

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The 3 Best Practices to Handle Negative Reviews

Have you ever searched for an apartment community and were immediately turned off by the negative reviews? Many of us have, and reading negative comments from people does not get anyone...

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Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Tours for Apartment Marketing

Virtual Tours for Apartment Marketing I don't think I can stress the importance of virtual tours for apartment marketing enough.  Especially when it comes to long term commitments like renting an...

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5 Apartment Marketing Ideas for December

Winter is finally here and we all know that snow season means slow season, but that doesn’t have to be the case this year. Just because it’s slow doesn’t mean...

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The Year of Voice Search for Apartment Marketing

As technology advances, we too must adapt with it – especially in the digital marketing world. Just think a few years back when the internet was starting to be readily...

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